X-Men: Evolution S.4 E.5 Uprising
With anti-mutant hysteria on the rise, a further mutated Spyke does all he can to protect his fellow Morlocks from attacks. He then comes to the aid of a couple of the New Mutants from Duncan and his friends which leads to trouble when he later seeks revenge. Meanwhile, Xavier and Beast monitor the formation of a second impenetrable sphere in China created by Apocolypse. Trask is released from prison with the anticipation his Sentinels may be needed against him. Also, a young boy named Dorian Leach is exhibiting mutant abilities that can't be hidden as he also becomes a target of hate crimes, leading to Spyke protecting him as well. They meet again later when Duncan and friends start an all-out war against Spyke. But he won't be alone as some of the X-Men and eventually the Morlocks come to his aid. Young Dorian, however, is the one who ends the battle when he unleashes a new power.
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   (2003 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 21 Mins
Kirby Morrow Scott McNeil Venus Terzo Jim Byrnes Alexandra Carter
Neil Denis Brian Drummond Vincent Gale Saffron Henderson David Kaye
Video X-Men: Evolution S.4 E.5 Uprising

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