X-Men: Evolution S.3 E.6 X-Treme Measures
Evan has Entered in an extreme Skateboarding Competition, and puts his skills to the test, but something is wrong, a mysterious woman, is watching him, and while at the competition she keeps following him, and it seems she's trying to tell him something about the sports drink that the competitors are drinking, Next thing evan knows he is surrounded by strange new mutants, Which are on a mission to put the drink's manufacturers out of action, meanwhile Kitty is learning how to drive, which puts everyone's nerves to the test, especially Wolverine,Scott, and unfortunatly the Proffesor.
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   (2002 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 21 Mins
Kirby Morrow Scott McNeil Venus Terzo Maggie Blue O'Hara Meghan Black
Brad Swaile David Kaye Kirsten Williamson Ted Cole Michael Dobson
Video X-Men: Evolution S.3 E.6 X-Treme Measures

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