BeyWheelz S.1 E.5 Race! The Beywheelz Grand Prix!
While searching for new members for Team Estrella in Das Vegas, Sho and Jin visit one of the main tourist attractions, The BeyWheelz Grand Prix. Two kids, a boy named Marche and a girl named Nicole win the Grand Prix. Nicole's bey is Spike Gash Striker and Marche's bey is Bone Slammer Aries. Sho says that they are amazing Wheelers but Jin is not impressed. Marche and Nicole overhear them and try to convince Jin that it takes a lot of talent to win a BeyWheelz Grand Prix. When Jin doesn't agree they challenge him and Sho to battle them in a Grand Prix which they accept. When the contest begins Marche and Nicole struggle against the power of Pegasus and Drago but then they begin to cooperate and create trouble for Sho and Jin. They both battle valiantly but in the end they lose. Jin admits that a Grand Prix is a challenging battle and it takes real talent to win one. Together Sho and Jin ask them to join Team Estrella which they gladly accept.
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   (2012 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 22 Mins
Scott Beaudin Covery Horn (voice) Jake Glen
Video BeyWheelz S.1 E.5 Race! The Beywheelz Grand Prix!

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