Beyblade Metal Fury E.5 Awaken Anubius!
Ryuga and Kyoya continue their battle from the previous episode. L-Drago is absorbing all of Leone's hits without any effect which shocks Kyoya and the others. Soon enough, after a feirce fought battle, Kyoya proves to be too weak to defeat Ryuga and loses. Benkei tries to help Kyoya by comforting him while Gingka turns angry at Ryuga. Yuki then explains to Ryuga the story of The Star Fragment, the Legendary Bladers, and Nemesis. Ryuga doesn't believe them, and said that the reason for L-Drago's evolution was due to him, its Blader. Gingka, turning furious by this, attempts to force him to cooperate by battling him with his new Beyblade, Cosmic Pegasus. Ryuga notices the new Pegasus, but doesn't think it will do much effort to his L-Drago. The battle begins in a clash of the Beys. L-Drago Destructor occurs a "mode-change" and behaves in a different manner, beating Pegasus more efficiently. Gingka tries to ignore the change and fight but, he again is defeated like Kyoya; Gingka towers to the floor defeated. Ryuga has defeated two Legendary Bladers effortlessly and prepares to turn back and leave but Yuki stops him. He tells him he wants a chance to battle him and help in their quest. Ryuga questions at how Yuki can beat him, but as Yuki launches his Bey, Ryuga does the same. The Beys fight as Yuki tries to win against Ryuga. After many hits, Yuki turns angry and soon enough, he begins glowing with an indigo aura that blasts up to the sky and Mecury Anubias's Mecury wheel changed from blue to black, indicating that Yuki is indeed a Legendary Blader. Unleashing his Legendary Power, his encouragment attacks with such force against L Drago Destroyer. Despite this, Yuki is again defeated by Ryuga. Nevertheless, Gingka and Co. comfort him. After seeing Anubias's change, he decided that he believed the story, but then said that to improve his skills, he will make every fragment fall into his hands, and walks away laughing.
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   (2012 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 22 Mins
Video Beyblade Metal Fury E.5 Awaken Anubius!

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