Beyblade Metal Fury E.3 The Monster Cat, Lynx
Gingka and Co. chat to their old friends Masamune and Team Wang Hu Zhong via webcam. They ask if they have heard anything about the Legendary Bladers or whether any of their Beys had evolved. Unfortunately, they do not know what they are talking about and are confused. Masamune shows Gingka his Ray Striker, as nothing has made it different. They ask why they need to know this and Gingka tells them that his Pegasus evolved into Cosmic Pegasus F:D. They are amazed at this as he tells them Pegasus has a piece of the Star Fragment inside of it. Masamune states that he will try to become a Legendary Blader just like Gingka. They say their final words and end the web chat. Gingka is disappointed that he still does not have any information on the Legendary Bladers. Gingka then decides to start their quest to find the Legendary Bladers. Kenta and Madokaagreeandtheyrunoff to prepare for the trip. Meanwhile, Yuki and Ryo have a little chat. Yuki thanks him for their co-operation in their quest and goes off to prepare as he found out that a Star Fragment Beam hit the island of Indonesia. Ryo then has a chat with Tsubasa. Ryo asks Tsubasa to secretly find information on the Legendary Bladers and Tsubasa accepts.
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   (2012 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 22 Mins
Video Beyblade Metal Fury E.3 The Monster Cat, Lynx

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