Sailor Moon S: Swept Off Her Feet S.3 E.5
Serena does not want to study at Raye's, so when she sees Darien, she goes to see him. He is with Lizzie, who is on her way to work. Serena goes to her work where Lizzie wants to know if Serena and Darien have kissed yet. She dreams of her first kiss, but isn't sure if her new love interest is the one. This dream of hers makes her the next target of the Heart Snatchers. After the snatcher steals her heart, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune intervene, and in the resulting battle, the pure heart is lost. Now the heart snatcher and Uranus and Neptune are in a race to see who will find it first. When Serena and the scouts come to Lizzie's apartment, they find her and soon they become involved in the race for the heart crystal, but who will get it first?
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   (2000 )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 22 Mins
Sabrina Grdevich Loretta Jafelice Sarah Lafleur Colin O'Meara Barbara Radecki
Video Sailor Moon S: Swept Off Her Feet S.3 E.5

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