Sailor Moon R: Prediction of Doom S.2 E.22
Darien continues to have nightmares about him and Serena and becomes more persistent then ever to make Serena despise him. Serena sees him with another girl and assumes he is dating her. When Rini finds out she goes to his house to talk, but along the way she is almost hit by a bus. Her moon beam saves her, but now Prizma and Avery have found her. Sailor Moon arrives to help, but the droid Hypnotica puts her into a deep sleep and begins to steal her energy. The Sailor Scouts try to wake her, but she won't respond. To make matters worse, if they can't wake her up soon, she will die.
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   (1995 )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 22 Mins
Michiko Abe Steven Bednarski Karen Bernstein Tony Daniels Norma Dell'Agnese
Jill Frappier David Fraser Katie Griffin Jennifer Griffiths Terri Hawkes
Video Sailor Moon R: Prediction of Doom S.2 E.22

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