Bakugan New Vestroia: Facing Ace S.2 E.2
On the way to her secret headquarters, Mira tells the still distrustful Dan, Marucho and Drago why she has chosen to fight her own people by forming the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance. At the headquarters they meet Baron, a formidable Haos Brawler who is a huge fan of Dan and Marucho. Another member of the Resistance, Ace, is not as easily swayed by the legendary Brawlers. He challenges Dan to a brawl, which Dan accepts without hesitation. A fierce brawl ensues, with both Dan's Drago and Ace's Percival giving it all they've got. The brawl turns out to be a stalemate, with Ace accepting Dan, Marucho and Drago into the Resistance. Mira proceeds to tell Dan that in order to free the trapped Bakugan they must destroy the three Dimension Controllers. Their next destination is Alpha City, home of the first Dimension Controller.
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   (2009 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 22 Mins
Jason Deline Julie Lemieux
Video Bakugan New Vestroia: Facing Ace S.2 E.2

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