Pokemon (Advanced Challenge): Lights, Camerupt, Action! S.7 E.46
Ash is admiring his newly acquired Feather Badge that he recently won. Max says that the next Gym is in Mossdeep City, and that they need to go to Lilycove City to catch a ferry. They begin their journey and notice a man struggling with a Camerupt that has equipment on it's back. They help him across the river where he tells them that he and his Camerupt go between the villages in the area and play movies for them. Thinking that it sounds like a fun idea, Ash and friends decide to help him get to the next village. However, Team Rocket has their sight set on Camerupt and the movies.
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   (2005 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
Veronica Taylor Eric Stuart Rachael Lillis Madeleine Blaustein Amy Birnbaum
Ikue Otani Suzanne Goldish Erica Schroeder Ted Lewis Mike Pollock
Video Pokemon (Advanced Challenge): Lights, Camerupt, Action! S.7 E.46

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