Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: The Sorrowful Battle E.16
Heero and Trowa arrive at Zechs' Antarctica base, where Heero is reunited with the rebuilt Wing Gundam. However, Heero chooses to use Trowa's Gundam Heavyarms to duel Zechs instead, until Relena's arrival to stop the battle interrupts them again. During this, Noin reveals to Relena that Zechs is her brother, Milliardo Peacecraft. When OZ carriers arrive to arrest him, Zechs decides to surrender to them in order to allow Relena and Noin to escape, while Trowa uses the Wing Gundam to pick up Heero and escape as well.
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   (2000 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 24 Mins
Ted Cole Mark Hildreth Scott McNeil Kirby Morrow Brad Swaile
Video Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: The Sorrowful Battle E.16

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