Mighty Max: Armageddon Outta Here S.2 E.27 (Final Episode)
In order to buy Max and Virgil time to escape, Norman engages the mutated spider in battle realizing that the time of his destiny has come. Max resists leaving Norman to die, but Virgil forces him to flee explaining to him that this moment was foretold on by the prophecy; the mural in their home. After fleeing, Max is furious that Virgil let Norman die upon which Virgil explains that each person's end is foretold and that Virgil's end will be at Stonehenge, a place Max must avoid until after the solstice. Skullmaster and Warmonger show up again, and in order to save Max, Virgil sends him to the Astral Plane, the one place Skullmaster cannot follow. Skullmaster abducts Virgil and takes him to Stonehenge while relaying a message to Max through Talon (the monster in the Astral Plane) that if he fails to show up, he will kill Virgil. Max, desperate for help, heads to Skull Mountain to recruit Lava Lord's help in getting revenge on Skullmaster. Lava Lord takes his new and improved Magus to Stonehenge with Max. Skullmaster summons Fuath to battle with Lava Lord while Max attempts to save Virgil. Eventually Skullmaster overcomes Lava Lord with the power of the crystal of souls, and then demands that Max hand over the cosmic cap in exchange for Virgil's life. Despite Virgil's protest, Max agrees upon which Skullmaster kills Virgil and orders Warmonger to restrain Max while he explains what is about to happen. Skullmaster, now with the Cosmic Cap (which changes into a cosmic crown) and Crystal of Souls will stand in the center of Stonehenge, where he will absorb the powers of time itself on the sunset of the winter solstice and be able to rewrite the past, present, and future. Max, while Warmonger has been killed by Skullmaster, grabs a hold of the staff with the crystal of souls, and using his connection with the cap, is able to partially absorb the energy as well and uses it to reverse time back to when he first got the cap. Now back at the beginning, he realizes that he is reliving the past and decides that this time around he is going ensure he fulfils his destiny.
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   (1994 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 22 Mins
Rob Paulsen Dorian Harewood Tony Jay Richard Moll
Video Mighty Max: Armageddon Outta Here S.2 E.27 (Final Episode)

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