Mighty Max: Armageddon Closer S.2 E.26
Max's birthday falls on the winter solstice, the day that is filled with the most darkness. Skullmaster, having now reforged his crystal of souls and filled it with the souls of the citizens of Dragon Island, now puts in to play his final plan for victory he has been working towards ever since his escape from Skull Mountain. Virgil and Norman show up at Max's birthday party to show him the prophecy in their home in the Himalayas Mountains. There they reveal to him that the Prophecy is a set of murals that have been predicting the future based on current events, and it now shows that Skullmaster is ready to begin his conquest of the world. Skullmaster and Warmonger launch a surprise attack on the three in their home leaving them with no choice but to run. As they are running, Virgil informs Max that they must evade Skullmaster until after the Winter Solstice or else Skullmaster will win. As they flee from portal to portal, they encounter previously defeated monsters they had encountered through the series (like the Cyclop and Cyberskull), now revived by and under Skullmaster's control. Eventually they encounter the giant mutated spider they had previously fought and Norman had a fear against as this time Norman realizes that his destiny is about to conclude.
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   (1994 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 22 Mins
Rob Paulsen Dorian Harewood Tony Jay Richard Moll
Video Mighty Max: Armageddon Closer S.2 E.26

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