Pokemon (Advanced Challenge): That's Just Swellow S.7 E.40
While walking through a mountainous and windy area, Ash and his friends notice a boy training his Swablu to carry rings. The boy, whose name is Shane, explains that he is practicing for the PokeRinger Tournament, a competition where Flying Pokemon have to grab a ring suspended in mid-air and get it back to the goal post before their opponents. Hearing that the registration for contestants is still open, Ash decides to enter with Taillow, while May enters with Beautifly. Also entering is James with Jessie's Dustox, since he trained to be a PokeRinger as a child and is determined to win without cheating. As the competition starts, Ash is dismayed when he is put into the same group as last year's champion Volt, an arrogant trainer who uses his Volbeat's electric attacks to win. However, when Taillow is able to win the first round, knocking Volt out, Ash becomes even more determined to win. Meanwhile, James manages to knock May and Beautifly out of the competition, and begins to think he has a chance too. Who will ultimately win the PokeRinger competition?
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   (2005 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
Veronica Taylor Eric Stuart Rachael Lillis Madeleine Blaustein Amy Birnbaum
Ikue Otani Suzanne Goldish Jason Griffith Rebecca Honig Erica Schroeder
Video Pokemon (Advanced Challenge): That's Just Swellow S.7 E.40

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