G-Force: The Electrical Demon Beast Angler E.94
The Torasshuu power plant provides electrical power to the city of Utoland. Nambu charges its head, Dr. Komibe, with the testing of whether a space capsule is fireproof or not, a test which requires the highly powerful incinerator of the plant. That evening, Ken and the others come to the station to say goodbye to Ryu, who is boarding the night train because his father is in critical condition. However, while Joe is heading towards the station, he hits a child and takes the child and its mother to the hospital. During a testflight for the mecha Angler, Katse lands by the power plant and forces them to recharge the mecha. This causes a blackout in the city. As a result, Ryu expects the re-establishment of power supply in the middle of the train; Joe in the hospital, where they are in the middle of the operation, the other three in a restaurant. But Ken and the others get suspicious at the length of the blackout. They go to the power plant. Katse, disguised as Komibe, throws the three of them into the incinerator and installs a pendant bomb inside the plant.
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   (1987 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 26 Mins
Bill Capizzi Cam Clarke Sam Fontana Barbara Goodson Jan Rabson
Video G-Force: The Electrical Demon Beast Angler E.94

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