G-Force: Counterattack! The Subterranean Torpedo Plan E.93
Katse is happy that he has defeated the Science Ninja Team. An order comes in from X to make sure that the Science Ninja Team is dead. Meanwhile, the Science Ninja Team spends its days at Nambu's villa. Without means to do anything after the heavy blow of losing the base, the data of the Mantel plan, and a place to produce missiles. Then, a message is received that a tourist city without any strategic value has been attacked. The Science Ninja Team wants to get mobilized, but Nambu stops them and leaves the field to the U.N. troops. Despite the attack on the city, the Science Ninja Team does not appear. Katse is convinced that the Team is dead and proceeds to his operation of destroying U.N. bases and factories with subterranean torpedoes. Based on the destroyed locations, Nambu derives where the torpedoes were launched from and sends the Science Ninja Team there. The Ninja Team sneaks into the base and discovers there a storage room for the torpedoes. Joe collects everybody's small detectors and installs them on the torpedoes.
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   (1987 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 26 Mins
Bill Capizzi Cam Clarke Sam Fontana Barbara Goodson Jan Rabson
Video G-Force: Counterattack! The Subterranean Torpedo Plan E.93

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