G-Force: The End of Crescent Coral E,92
One after the other, the torpedoes hit right on target. The props of the camouflaging coral reef get stuck in the base which loses its balances and starts sinking towards the bottom of the sea. Inside, the engineers don't want to just leave their research, but Ken and Jun convince them the really important thing is their lives. They make them escape. Meanwhile, while Nambu is destroying the data, a big computer falls over and traps his leg, rendering him immobile. The God Phoenix notices the sound of the explosions and returns to the base. After making sure of this, another group of torpedoes attack the base. Overturning, the base is caught on the wall of a deep-sea trench and the God Phoenix cannot escape from the hangar. Ken and Jun have managed to arrive at Nambu's room, but they can't open the door because the electrical system has been shut off. They sit down, awaiting their last hour. However, the base starts falling towards the deep-sea trench again and through this shock, the God Phoenix tears down the hangar's shutter and breaks into the interior. Joe and Jinpei go to Nambu's room, crossing flooded areas. They meet with Ken and Jun. With the burner in Joe's airgun they break open the door and rescue Nambu. The God Phoenix separates itself from the sinking base. The Science Ninja Team watches for a long time how the form of their own base sinks deep into the deep-sea trench. Nambu orders them to blast the base. When he tells them that it would be easy for Galactor to save data from the base in the deep-sea trench, Ken presses the firing button for the Bird Missiles. The basis of the Science Ninja Team, Crescent Coral, has ceased to exist.
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   (1987 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 26 Mins
Bill Capizzi Cam Clarke Sam Fontana Barbara Goodson Jan Rabson
Video G-Force: The End of Crescent Coral E,92

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