Sailor Moon (Sailor Stars): For Love! An Endless Fight in Hell S.5 E.5
Sailor Mars and Sailor Neptune battle against another clone of Nehelenia, but after an exhaustive battle, they faint and get captured by Nehelenia. Meanwhile, Sailor Pluto and Sailor Venus also fall into captivity, while Sailor Jupiter sacrifices herself to save Sailor Moon, who fell under Nehelenia's hypnosis. One of Jupiter's rose earrings remains behind, and as Usagi looks at it, she remembers Tuxedo Mask. The hypnosis is broken, and Usagi makes her way through the final barrier to Nehelenia's castle, which is a stairway covered in thorns. Another refelction of "The Snow Queen" is in this episode with Usagi being hypnotized into staying in a flowering meadow. In the story the heroine is made to forget her friend by the keeper of a enternal summer garden only to remember her friend when she sees a rose bush just like Sailor Jupiter's earring reminded Usagi of Tuxedo Mask.
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   (1996 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 22 Mins
Kotono Mitsuishi Aya Hisakawa Michie Tomizawa Emi Shinohara Rica Fukami
Shiho Niiyama Chika Sakamoto Narumi Tsunoda Mitsuko Horie Megumi Ogata
Video Sailor Moon (Sailor Stars): For Love! An Endless Fight in Hell S.5 E.5

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