Sailor Moon (Sailor Stars): The Return of the Queen of Darkness S.5 E.1
Hotaru Tomoe has visions of Eternal Sailor Moon. Setsuna arrives at the Tomoe house to pick her up. The girls and Mamoru gather in the park to discover that Chibiusa is returning to the future. Meanwhile, Queen Nehelenia is freed from her mirrored prison by an unseen voice. As Chibiusa uses her time key to return to Crystal Tokyo with Diana, Nehelenia remembers the events that happened before she had been sealed in the mirror again and she produces her own soul-mirror. Angered, she breaks the mirror and shards fly everywhere. The Soldiers view the shards as shooting stars, but Mamoru recieves one of them in his eye as Chibiusa is about to step into the time portal. Unfortunately, the portal disappears leaving the girls puzzled. Later that night, many people gather at an aquarium, including Haruka and Michiru. Some of the nightmare shards land on the roof and form into Nehelenia's Mirror Paredories. Haruka and Michiru are surrounded when Dead Scream is used and Sailor Pluto appears with baby Hotaru. They are shocked to see the other two Soldiers and transform. One of the figures is about to attack Hotaru, when she generates a blast that destroys it. The symbol of Saturn appears on her forehead and the other soldiers become Super!
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   (1996 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 22 Mins
Kotono Mitsuishi Aya Hisakawa Michie Tomizawa Emi Shinohara Rica Fukami
Shiho Niiyama Chika Sakamoto Narumi Tsunoda Mitsuko Horie Megumi Ogata
Video Sailor Moon (Sailor Stars): The Return of the Queen of Darkness S.5 E.1

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