Pokemon (Advanced Challenge): Hokey Pokballs S.7 E.34
As Ash and friends walk through a city, May decides to let her Bulbasaur out to see life outside of the forest. Being used to life in a forest, Bulbasaur gets in a few messy situations before they head over to the Pokemon Center. At the center Team Rocket are posing as mechanics and are "fixing" the Pokeball transporter. After they leave, Ash decides to ask Professor Oak to send his Bulbasaur to him so it can meet May's, but when the PokeBall arrives, it's empty. Every PokeBall that has come through the transporter since Team Rocket fixed it is empty. Then, the real mechanics arrive. Ash and friends give chase to Team Rocket and it's up to them to catch them before they get away with all of the Pokemon.
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   (2005 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
Daniel Nicodeme Eric Stuart
Video Pokemon (Advanced Challenge): Hokey Pokballs S.7 E.34

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