Pokemon (Advanced Challenge): Love, Petalburg Style! S.7 E.29
Ash and friends have finally arrived back in Petalburg City, and while May and Max are reunited with Caroline, Ash encounters Norman at the Pokemon Center where he is deep in conversation with Nurse Joy. Meanwhile, May begins to tell her mother about her journey, but Caroline gets angry when May mentions her Beautifly, and it turns out that Norman and Nurse Joy have been spending a lot of time together. While this is all going on, Ash encounters the Vigoroth that defeated Pikachu, as well as Slakoth and Slaking which also belong to Norman, and naturally, Team Rocket want to get thier hands on them.
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   (2005 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
Veronica Taylor Eric Stuart Rachael Lillis Madeleine Blaustein Amy Birnbaum
Ikue Otani Dan Green Erica Schroeder Karen Neil Mike Pollock
Video Pokemon (Advanced Challenge): Love, Petalburg Style! S.7 E.29

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