Beyblade: Shogun Steel: Defeat Pirate Orochi E.2a
Zyro Kurogane is in the midst of his training. Benkei Hanawa, an old friend of Gingka Hagane has a kindred spirit that Zyro found in him. Zyro's passion for becoming the next No. 1 and to defeating Shinobu Hiryuin showed Benkei his potential, and with this, he and Mal have agreed to be helping him. Zyro starts off by running along the slope of a street hill, while tied to a platform, of which Mal is happily sitting on. Benkei is right next to them, riding on a sort of motorcycle, as he encourages Zyro to get to his best. The process is difficult for Zyro as he is trying his best to not giving up. Yet, when Benkei tells Zyro that he'll never beat Shinobu if he does not pass this, Zyro angers at the name and at the moment, Zyro speeded up along the hill. For the next training, Benkei orders Zyro to hold two pails of water, while his arms go straight. The catch is, he has to stay still and not move a single muscle at all. This too is very hard for Zyro yet Benkei tells him he made the time; and as a result, caves in and collapses to the ground, in pain and agony. Later trainings include Zyro getting into a bunked outside bed, and launching his Bey from there while not getting tied up, committing push-ups with Mal on his back, squat thrusts while carrying Mal, and lastly, sit-ups. Then comes dawn where Shinobu is seen, thinking to the previous battle. He finds Zyro dashing at the hill, which startles Shinobu for a second. Later, at Benkei's burger-shop, the gang take a break and eat some of Benkei's famous burgers. Mal later talks to Madoka of some occurrence. The next day, Zyro is seen doing the first exercise he made, running along a hill yet without Mal, instead three platforms this time. Zyro puts full throttle into this yet finds an occurrence with a skateboarding young boy. He asks Zyro what and why is he running alongside a hill, to which Zyro responds to becoming the next No. 1 Blader. The boy questions this and wonders why; he even makes fun of Zyro, much to Zyro's anger. Eight then decides to leave away on his skateboard. Mal is on her way to get back to Zero in training yet the boy is dashing in front of her. He then quickly jumps and apologizes to her, yet it startles Mal and brings her to the ground. Zyro is shocked and stops his training to go look at Mal. Mal tells him he's okay and that boy they met just now, is known as Eight Unabara. Zyro does not know who Eight is, but decides he's ready to face Shinobu for a rematch. Zyro and Mal travel back to BeyPark where subsequently, a battle's occurring. The battle is between the earlier boy, Eight and another Blader. Eight wins the match with ease. He then goes to the other Blader and grabs a black marker. He draws two stars on the Blader's eyes and thus, scaring him and running away. Eight does not seem to feel any sorrow and just plain amuses himself, having a hearty laugh at what he just did. Zyro goes up to Eight and tells him that wasn't a very nice thing to do. With it, Zyro challenges Eight to a battle, in order to make him pay for what he did. Eight casually agrees to the battle in the Zero-G Stadium. Zyro shows him his Bey, Samurai Ifrit while Eight showcases his, Pirate Orochi. The two get up on their platforms and "Let It Rip!" their Beys. Zyro is gonna put his full strength because he wants to show Eight at what he has done, and show him, he's not a fool of himself.
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   (2013 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 20 Mins
Andrew Jackson Jason Deline Stacey DePass Amos Crawley Barbara Mamabolo
Stephany Seki Dan Petronijevic Christopher Jacot Brian West Erfan Elias Edraki
Video Beyblade: Shogun Steel: Defeat Pirate Orochi E.2a

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