Beyblade: Shogun Steel: A New Age Arrives E.1b
Zyro accept nonetheless and the two prepare their Beys. With Zyro and his Samurai Ifrit, they will be giving it their all against Shinobu and his Ninja Salamander. Zyro Kurogane and the "Invincible Salamaner", Shinobu Hiryuin are in the premise of their battle; a battle royale. With Zyro eager to take on the BeyPark's No. 1 Blader, while Shinobu wants to show Zyro what happens to those, who change the ways of the BeyPark. They both get ready to do battle in the humongous Zero-G Stadium, with their Beys being set up and ready to shoot, they prepare for their match. They are finally ready, "Let It Rip!" and begin the battle. Zyro commands Samurai Ifrit to get some hits at Shinobu's bey, Ninja Salamander. It is nothing but useless, as Shinobu is having Salamander dodge and use the Stadium's slope to his very advantage. Zyro is not very keen on this and tries his best to use some counters and such, but to no luck. Shinobu continues to play and toy with Zyro and his Samurai Ifraid, making Zyro even more furious and desperate to find a way. Zyro then commands Ifrit to strike a direct hit at Salamander, yet it too, is futile when Salamander dodges. Zyro seems to have had enough and won't take it any longer, so he has Ifrit attack once more, yet Ninja Salamander dodged again and throws Samurai Ifrit up into the air. Zyro uses this as his advantage as he begins his special move, Shooting Star Crush. Samurai Ifrit uses this and strikes downward, aiming to knockout Ninja Salamander. Shinobu however, is shocked and worred at this and in a quick reflex, commands Salamander to dodge it. However as a result, several cracks and heavy damage is done to the Stadium's centre, shocking nearly everyone; including Zyro Kurogane. Shinobu uses this as his advantage with Salamander getting direct hits and in the end, pushes Ifrit to an escape pocket of the Zero-G Stadium and knocks-out Samurai Ifrit. Giving Shinobu Hiryuin the win, and ending Zyro Kurogane's consecutive victories. Zyro is quite shocked and leaves the BeyPark afterward. Zyro is then walking on the sidewalk, thinking of the battle he just had. He is respective towards Shinobu's strength and power, but will need to be more powerful before he thinks he can take on the Invincible Salamander. He heads to a burger joint; which happens to be owned by Benkei Hanawa. As Zyro enters, the owner, Benkei gives Zyro a meal consisting of a triple-beef burger, side fries, and a beverage. Zyro marvels at Benkei's generosity and eats the triple-beef burger, enjoying it so with delight. Mal then pops out of nowhere, eating some of Zyro's fries, while startling Zyro. Zyro tells Benkei that he just had a battle with Shinobu Hiryuin, and is trembling at what to do. He wants to get stronger, but with the immerse power Shinobu holds, Zyro doesn't think his luck will do him any good. Zyro also tells that he wants to match the likes of No. 1 Blader, Gingka Hagane, and become the next No. 1. Benkei is skeptical at first, yet tells Zyro that he himself knew of Gingka, as well as former Beyblade legend, Kyoya Tategami; who Zyro appears to be unaware of. Kyoya was an old friend of Benkei, yet in a long time, Benkei hasn't seem him. Just then, Benkei tells Zyro that he decided he will train Zyro to become stronger than Shinobu and match the likes of Gingka Hagane. Zyro is very thankful towards Benkei while Mal tells the two she will help as well. With two people to Zyro, he'll do all he can to train to his fullest and become even stronger than before.
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   (2013 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 11 Mins
Andrew Jackson Jason Deline Stacey DePass Amos Crawley Barbara Mamabolo
Stephany Seki Dan Petronijevic Christopher Jacot Brian West Erfan Elias Edraki
Video Beyblade: Shogun Steel: A New Age Arrives E.1b

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