Beyblade: Shogun Steel: A New Age Arrives E.1a
It has been seven years since the ultimate fight which resulted in No. 2 Blader in the World, Gingka Hagane (Number 2 as Tyson Granger is No.1) , defeating the God of Destruction, Nemesis, and as a result, saving the world from a demise. Zyro Kurogane, an admirer of Gingka Hagane, is dashing in the streets, in a hurry, and quite worried. A Beyblade tournament is going on, with one Blader winning against the other. After that match, Zyro quickly arrives where he is ready and confident for his battle. Zyro and his competitor are ready, while Zyro reveals his Beyblade, Samurai Ifrit. They begin and yell "3... 2... 1... Let It Rip!". The Bladers launched their Beys in an ultimate fight. With Samurai Ifraid getting some successful hits against the opponent and with the upper hand. Soon enough, Zyro decides to end it as he commands Ifrit to jump into the air, where Samurai Ifrit is then commanded to strike downwards and hit the opponent. In the end, Zyro takes the win as he and Samurai Ifrit are proud of the victory. Which people cheering and such, Zyro decides to thank one person in all his might, Gingka. And Zyro also feels as if he is strong enough to take on anyone and with all this training. He has a flashback to the past, a moment in the past where Zyro was a young child, and Gingka gave young Zyro his future Beyblade, Samurai Ifrit. Ever since then, Zyro had idolized Gingka and has wished to be just like him, and with it, he will make it. Later, at the WBBA, Tsubasa is at work where he receives an incoming transmission from his co-worker, Madoka Amano at the B-Pit. Tsubasa is now the Director of the WBBA while Madoka manages the B-Pit. Madoka tells Tsubasa some news and which Tsubasa replies. Later, Madoka is about to open the door for the B-Pit where subsequently, a group of young children in a large pack, startle and surprise Madoka. Zyro is then shown to be walking along, finding Bladers battling and training. One such Blader makes a mistake and accidentally shoots his Beyblade near Zyro. The Blader apologized, but Zyro does not mind and happily gives him his Bey back. The boy thanks Zyro and tells him of a tournament that is happening close to the training site. Zyro is surprised, and dashes to the tournament. Zyro gets to the tournament, and is totally in awe. He finds that the tournament is not like normal ones, in fact, it is based on Zero-G. Beyblade has entered a new era, where BeyStadiums now move and completely change the game like never before. Maru, a fellow Beyblade mechanic much like Madoka, is watching the battle as she analyses it with her laptop. Zyro takes a gander at the battle, seeing how the BeyStadium they are in, is remotely large. With Bladers standing on platforms held in the air where the BeyStadium moves in a circular motion as the Beys fight. Drastically adding more factors to the battle and making it more enjoyable and suspenseful. The battle ends, and Zyro wants to go next. Three Bladers stop Zyro and tell him that they are next in line and Zyro will have to wait. Zyro tells him that he is very eager to battle as this is his first time battling in Zero-G. The three Bladers make a compromise with Zyro and tell him he can go next as long as they fight Zyro, in a 9 vs. 1. Zyro agrees, much to their surprise and prepare for it. Everyone is ready and they all yell "Let It Rip!" as the Beys are launched. Every Beyblade fights fiercely as Zyro and Ifrit are ready for anything. However, what the three Bladers don't tell Zyro is that they are teaming up against Zyro. They gang up on Zyro and start clashing and battling Ifrit, trapping it. Zyro is startled, but quickly recovers. He commands Samurai Ifrit to escape which is successful and the tables get turned. Zyro has Samurai Ifraid start to attack and push back the nine Beys. As this rages on, Zyro puts his full potential into this and as a result, wins the match of the Zero-G BeyStadium. People around cheer as Zyro gives a speech to everyone of his own victory. However just then, a Blader comes by with his voice startling people but making Mal excited. The Blader introduces himself as Shinobu Hiryuin, with his Beyblade, Ninja Salamander, and he challenges Zyro to a battle. To test the actual power he has; Zyro accepts. Shinobu warns him though, that he is the Best Blader around this part of the city and Zyro will have to work hard in it.
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   (2013 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 11 Mins
Andrew Jackson Jason Deline Stacey DePass Amos Crawley Barbara Mamabolo
Stephany Seki Dan Petronijevic Christopher Jacot Brian West Erfan Elias Edraki
Video Beyblade: Shogun Steel: A New Age Arrives E.1a

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