Beyblade: Shogun Steel: The All-Out Mid-Air Battle! E.25
Zyro, Shinobu, and Maru finds a prisoned Gingka and Maru contacts Tsubasa to tell him they found Gingka. Doji appears and brings Kira to dispose of Zyro with Pegasus Bahamoote. Hearing his Beys name, Gingka is confused and outraged as a result even more when Doji shows him his Bey remaining parts safely kept away in storage. Doji explains how DNA's Bladers use their tactics to stop Zyro and his friends. Zyro is angered and explains how he got there with everyone's help. He says he'll show his Bey spirit and defeat Kira. This amuses Doji as Kira approaches Zyro for the last battle. Shinobu assures Zyro's planned victory by giving him Salamander's Warrior Wheel to use their Synchrome: Salamander Ifrit. Zyro takes it and is now able to battle Kira with their Synchrome. Doji then calls forth a Cyclone Stadium being elevated from underground with the loser falling into it. Zyro and Kira enter their respective platforms and signal "3...2...1 Let It Rip!" as Salamander Ifrit clash with Pegasus Bahamoote. A sudden explosive burst is emitted as both Synchromes make contact. Kira's Pegasus Bahamoote pushes back Salamander Ifrit as Zyro attempts to get things together. Whilst Maru scans information concerning Kira's Synchrome, Shinobu encourages Zyro despite Kira getting the upper hand. Kira's words and Pegasus Bahamoote strikes Zyro in fear. Zyro is constantly being thrown away in defeat, watching Pegasus Bahamoote attack Salamander Ifrit as electrical energy backlashes with every hit. Gingka yells out Zyro's name and struggles to break free of his chains. Doji meanwhile manically laughs, providing a speech on DNA's goals and intentions which Kira is fulfilling much to his delight. Zyro and Kira still battle and Salamander Ifrit still being pushed back. At last, Kira uses his full potential when a purple aura surrounds him yet Zyro mimics this by bursting out his Bey spirit which alarms Kira, Doji, and Gingka. Zyro makes a comeback with Salamander Ifrit sending Pegasus Bahamoote flying. The battle unfolds but Kira still keeps his intention to win and counters with Pegasus Bahamoote striking away at Salamander Ifrit. Zyro and Kira converse while Salamander Ifrit and Pegasus Bahamoote continue their assault on each another. Both beys give powerful blows to each others which amazes Gingka and the others. Doji doesn't likes this and another surprise up his sleeve. He brings out his very own mecha designed for him and in this large robot, Doji can control its movements by entering it. He launches his new bey, Phantom Fenrir, into the battle. This shocks everybody, including Tsubasa, Madoka and Benkei back at the WBBA. Phantom Fenrir teams up with Pegasus Bahamoote to take down Salamander Ifrit and knocks it back. Although Kira is confused for a while, he re-shifts his focus to the current battle. He has Pegasus Bahamoote to knock Phantom Fenrir out of the stadium. Kira tells Doji to stay out of the battle which shocks Zyro. Kira tells Zyro that he can't show Pegasus Bahamoote's full power if he has help and they continue on with their battle.
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   (2014 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 20 Mins
Andrew Jackson Jason Deline Stacey DePass Amos Crawley Barbara Mamabolo
Stephany Seki Dan Petronijevic Christopher Jacot Brian West Erfan Elias Edraki
Video Beyblade: Shogun Steel: The All-Out Mid-Air Battle! E.25

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