Galactica 1980: The Super Scouts: Part 2 E.5
When three of the children Troy and Dillon brought to Earth get sick after drinking some water from a lake. The doctor who treats them says that the water was polluted with a toxic waste which was dumped by a corporation. The doctor says there's nothing he can do for them but Troy asks him to keep alive because he plans to call the Galactica for help. When Dr. Zee learns of what happened he decides to go to Earth himself, which Adama objects to. But Zee insists and goes.
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   (1980 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 48 Mins
Kent McCord Barry Van Dyke Robyn Douglass Lorne Greene James Patrick Stuart
Allan Miller George DelHoyo John Quade Mike Kellin Michael Swan
Video Galactica 1980: The Super Scouts: Part 2 E.5

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