Sailor Moon S: Birthday Blues: Part 2 S.3 E.13
Kaorinite has trapped Tuxedo Mask in ice and brought him to Tokyo Tower. Despite the Sailor Scouts' protests, Serena decides to head to the tower alone. she gets a ride from Amara and Michelle. They ask her about her opinions regarding sacrifices and pure hearts. Although she stills knows she must complete her mission, Michelle is conflicted about whether or not she could sacrifice Serena. At the tower Kaorinite and her Heart Snatcher confront Serena, knowing that she is Sailor Moon. Before she can do anything, they steal her heart. The other scouts arrive and an all out battle ensues. Can they save Serena's pure heart and defeat Kaorinite once and for all?
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   (2000 )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 22 Mins
Liza Balkan Linda Ballantyne Emilie Barlow Kirsten Bishop Vince Corazza
Jill Frappier Katie Griffin Sarah Lafleur Mary Long Jeff Lumby
Video Sailor Moon S: Birthday Blues: Part 2 S.3 E.13

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