Dragon Ball GT (Baby Saga): The Return of Uub E.32
From Pan, Uub discovers that Goku has been "killed" by Baby, and he vows to avenge him. Uub and Baby begin to fight, and Uub seems to be winning. Gohan, Goten, and Trunks come to Baby's aid, but he reveals that he was just testing Uub. Frustrated, he apparently kills his three servants. He then quickly overpowers Uub, and begins to gather a giant energy ball, just like the one he used to attack Goku. Buu takes Pan and Mr. Satan to safety. He says goodbye to them, and then flies back and absorbs the blast. Buu explodes, and the pieces of him rain down on Uub. Buu and Uub fuse to form Majuub. Meanwhile, Goku sees what's happening on the Tuffle planet and demands to be sent there immediately. The Elder Kai reveals that the purpose of Goku's training was to grow his tail, but because there is no time to waste, he decides to pull it out manually, using a giant pair of pliers.
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   (2004 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 19 Mins
Brice Armstrong Elise Baughman John Burgmeier Andrew Chandler Daisuke Gori
Kyle Hebert Adam Hunter Atsushi Kisaichi Takeshi Kusao Josh Martin
Video Dragon Ball GT (Baby Saga): The Return of Uub E.32

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