Beyblade: Shogun Steel: Entering the Trap E.23
After defeating Karura, Zyro and Co. finally infiltrate the DNA headquarters but are immediately confronted by the DNA Bladers. Although DNA are prepared to prevent Zyro and his friends from defeating Kira, they later are determined to bypass them. Subsequently every blader launch their Beys into battle as Zyro starts with his Samurai Ifrit attacking Yoshio's Bandit Golem but Spike commands Thief Zirago to attack Ifrit. Shinobu's Ninja Salamander battles Genjuro's Bandit Genbu but is pushed back. Ren's Thief Phoenix and Eight's Pirate Orochi continuously defeat multiple generic Beys. Shinobu suggests they all split up to cover more ground in DNA Headquarters and everyone agree. Genjuro, Spike, and Arrow chase Zyro and Co. while Doji and Team Garcias are watching them through surveillance cameras. Ren and Eight continue to eliminate DNA trainees
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   (2014 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 20 Mins
Andrew Jackson Jason Deline Stacey DePass Amos Crawley Barbara Mamabolo
Stephany Seki Dan Petronijevic Christopher Jacot Brian West Erfan Elias Edraki
Video Beyblade: Shogun Steel: Entering the Trap E.23

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