Beyblade: Shogun Steel: A Spirit-Filled Attack E.19
Commencing with another recap by Blader Gai, the finals of Neo Battle Bladers are about to begin. Zyro Kurogane, the Blader of Fire, will be facing off against Kira Hayama, the Killing Mountain-Breaker. News of Blader Gai's words are shown throughout all of Metal Bey City, informing everyone of the extraordinary match that has almost arrived. Benkei hears the news along with an injured Shinobu, while Mal and Ren hear as well. Subsequently, they are met by a sprinting Zyro apologizing for the delay in his arrival; assuring them that he is ready as he ever be for the battle. Meanwhile, Kira is on his way to his upcoming match whilst accompanied by Yoshio. As they go, they exchange a talk where Yoshio asks if Kira is ready for his battle and acknowledges how Zyro will be a force as his opponent. Kira however, does not worry as he is quite calm and confident that he can and will defeat Zyro; suggested by their past Synchrom battle after Kira hacked the WBBA just before Neo Battle Bladers was announced. Yoshio hears Kira's words and accepts this as they at last, arrive to the tournament.
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   (2013 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 20 Mins
Andrew Jackson Jason Deline Stacey DePass Amos Crawley Barbara Mamabolo
Stephany Seki Dan Petronijevic Christopher Jacot Brian West Erfan Elias Edraki
Video Beyblade: Shogun Steel: A Spirit-Filled Attack E.19

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