Sailor Moon S: Star Struck, Bad Luck S.3.E.1
Even with life back to normal for the Sailor Scouts, they still have plenty to worry about, with big exams coming up at school. Meanwhile, a new enemy has arrived. Professor Tomoe is working hard in his lab designing daimon pods, pods that will unleash creatures that will snatch pure hearts from people. He hopes to find three with great powers, and sends his assistant Kaorinite to find a pure heart. Her target just so happens to be a tree at Raye's temple, and Raye becomes the first victim. Everyone comes to her aid, but the monster ties Mina, Lita, and Amy up and easily defeats Sailor Moon, canceling her transformation! Can the Scouts somehow defeat this new enemy?
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   (2000 )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 22 Mins
Liza Balkan Linda Ballantyne Emilie Barlow Kirsten Bishop Vince Corazza
Jill Frappier Katie Griffin Loretta Jafelice Sarah Lafleur Jeff Lumby
Video Sailor Moon S: Star Struck, Bad Luck S.3.E.1

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