Sailor Moon S: Friendly Foes S.3.E.9
Professor Tomoe and Kaorinite decide that they must eliminate Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune since they always show up right when they attack. Kaorinite decides to lay a trap for them. After Amara wins a motorcycle race, she offers to give Serena a ride home since she missed the bus. After being run off the road by jealous competitors, they are close to the site of the next heart snatcher victim, who is being watched by Sailor Neptune. Kaorinite unleashes the Heart Snatcher, and Sailor Neptune attacks, and Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon arrive soon afterward (separately). The Heart Snatcher ties Moon and Uranus' wrists together and Kaorinite throws Neptune over the cliff. Uranus flees with Sailor Moon in tow, and now the two must work together if they are to get free and save Neptune and the heart snatcher victim
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   (2000 )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 22 Mins
Liza Balkan Linda Ballantyne Emilie Barlow Kirsten Bishop Vince Corazza
Tony Daniels Jill Frappier Katie Griffin Sarah Lafleur Jeff Lumby
Video Sailor Moon S: Friendly Foes S.3.E.9

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