Pokemon (Advanced): Watt's with Wattson? S.6 E.40
Ash's third Gym battle with the electric master Wattson is full of surprises when, after an encounter with a robotic Raikou, Pikachu wins the match alone with super-charged Thunderbolts. However Ash's joy at receiving the badge disappears when Pikachu turns ill, and a depressed Wattson leaves Mauville City convinced he is a weak Gym Leader.
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   (2004 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
Rachael Lillis Amy Birnbaum Madeleine Blaustein Darren Dunstan Dan Green
Megan Hollingshead Daniel Nicodeme Mike Pollock Kayzie Rogers Michael Sinterniklaas
Video Pokemon (Advanced): Watt's with Wattson? S.6 E.40

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