Powerpuff Girls Z: A Comedy of Terrors / Beetle Battle S.1 E.23
Road of Love, Kabuki Monster: An amateur comedian falls in love with a girl that works a local ice cream parlor in the park. However, things are thrown out of the door when the father (who likes more heart-wrenching theater ethics) does not want her to go out with a comedian. Things are also thrown out of the water when the comedian becomes a monster, thanks to a specific individual.  Insect King, That's Who: Ken is involved in a beetle tournament which will determine who has the strongest beetle in Japan, but he feels gloomy because there's someone else out there who has an even stronger beetle than his. Kaoru takes it upon herself to train Ken physically and mentally. However, the girls had better be ready because another monster is bound to show its ugly head.
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   (2006 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 23 Mins
Emiri Katou Nami Miyahara Machiko Kawana Michael Dobson Masashi Ebara
Andrew Francis Maryke Hendrikse Tomoko Kaneda Yoko Kawanami Taiten Kusunoki
Video Powerpuff Girls Z: A Comedy of Terrors / Beetle Battle S.1 E.23

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