Powerpuff Girls Z: Pastry Puff Panic S.1 E.22
Centuries ago, a demonic being, so evil that you can't say its name, caused havoc to everyone in Tokyo until he was sealed away in a chest and placed in a tomb, never to be resurrected again.  We are now in the present. A black light landed on the chest, awakening the being. However, there are spiritual seals surrounding that can only be broken with the power of white light.  From within its chest, he sends a servant (which is nothing more than a mummy) to find a huge supply of white light and bring it to him.  Where can he get some white light? The PowerPuff Girls, where else?
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   (2006 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 23 Mins
Emiri Katou Nami Miyahara Machiko Kawana Michael Dobson Masashi Ebara
Andrew Francis Maryke Hendrikse Tomoko Kaneda Yoko Kawanami Taiten Kusunoki
Video Powerpuff Girls Z: Pastry Puff Panic S.1 E.22

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