Ewoks: Battle for the Sunstar S.2.E.12
The evil Dr Raygar, working for the Emperor, advises Imperial Admiral Kaaz that he plans to steal the sunstar from furry little creatures called Ewoks. Below, on the forest moon of Endor, Wicket, Latara, Kneesaa, and Teebo are talking Gin-Jang berries to the nest of baby Gubas when they come across a helpless creature in a peculiar trap. When Latara accidentally - well rather as a result of a clumsy Teebo - gets caught in the trap herself, Teebo unleashes a magic pouch which frees her and the creature but soon the four Ewoks all find themselves captive when giant robots, controlled by Raygar, attack. Imprisoning them on his ship, Raygar heads off to the Ewok village where he steals the Sunstar. Meanwhile, the trapped woklinfs come across a mistreated droid (PD-28) who helps them escape into a "flying canoe" pod. When the four Ewoks arrive back at their village, they realise they are too late but nevertheless are soon on their way into space, tracking Raygar as he returns to an Imperial Star Destroyer. With the Ewoks close behind, their pod is allowed to dock thanks to PD-28 who concocts a story to his Imperial superiors that he was captured by the Ewoks but escaped. Regardless, Admiral Kaaz orders PD's destruction. Wicket, Latara, Kneesaa, and Teebo decide to split in pairs (sounds familiar) as they not only attempt to rescue PD-28 but also the Sunstar which Raygar plans to use to replace the Emperor and rule the galaxy himself.
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   (1985 )      Rating: G      Run Time: 23 Mins
Jim Henshaw Ron James Hadley Kay Eric Peterson Cree Summer
Video Ewoks: Battle for the Sunstar S.2.E.12

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