Ewoks: The Season Scepter S.2.E.8
Latara and Kneesaa are enjoying the summer season by sun-baking when an adventurous Wicket decides to do a bit of surfing, resulting in saturating Latara as he comes to shore. Teebo, attempting to help his favorite Ewok, uses a little magic to create a small breeze in the hope of drying Latara but to his surprise - as well as all the other creatures on the forest moon of Endor - strong winds and winter snow prevail and cover the entire moon. Fearing Teebo is responsible, he and his friends head to Logray's hut to get help but the Ewok wizard is no where to be seen. Glancing at the blazing sunstar, the four woklings notice a message inside from the Leaf Queen asking for Logray's assistance. With Logray missing, Wicket urges his friends to head off to the Sun palace to assist the Leaf Queen and her sister, the Flower Queen, and brother - the Sun King. Upon arrival they learn that the change in the weather was not in fact caused by Teebo but a result of the season scepter being stolen by the Snow King and his mistress, Oodra who plan to use it to acquire the Sunstar.
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   (1986 )      Rating: G      Run Time: 23 Mins
Jim Henshaw Ron James Hadley Kay Eric Peterson Cree Summer
Video Ewoks: The Season Scepter S.2.E.8

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