Ewoks: Night of the Stranger S.2.E.5
On a mysterious night, two moons surrounding Endor eclipse one another and a wormhole opens from which a comet appears and consequently plummets to the forest moon. In the Ewok village, Logray informs Wicket and Teebo that he senses evil afoot and ventures off to find it's source. Wicket and Teebo, disappointed that they cannot join the Ewok magician on his quest, find a new task when they witness the comet falling to the forest. Interrupting a warrior ceremony, Wicket and Teebo inform Chief Chirpa of the fireball but when the leader of the Ewoks searches for a bright light in his telescope he only sees a Lantern bird and angrily orders the two Woklings away.
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   (1986 )      Rating: G      Run Time: 23 Mins
Jim Henshaw Ron James Hadley Kay Eric Peterson Cree Summer
Video Ewoks: Night of the Stranger S.2.E.5

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