Ewoks: The Raich S.2.E.3
The Shadow Night Festival is approaching and Wicket and Latara are in search of costumes. Coming across a golden cap at the top of an oddly-shaped tree, Wicket - despite warnings from Teebo - declares it must be his. But upon taking the cap, the tree transforms into a gigantic monster known as 'The Raich' a creature which has the power to control the animals in the forest. When Baga, Kneesaa's pet, is beckoned by 'The Raich', our four favorite woklings rush to find Logray and ask his help. The other Ewoks, already alerted that the Raich has been released, mock the fool that took the cap, unaware - and thankfully on his part - that Wicket was responsible. Logray informs them that this giant beast once roamed the forest, luring animals to it's dwellings where it would feast on them. Thankfully a person named "the Two-headed" Gunster made a magic cap which, when placed on a small opening on the Raich's head, turned it into a lifeless tree. With this knowledge, Wicket, Teebo, Latara, and Kneesaa head off to find this odd "Two-head" Gunster before Baga and other animals become fodder for the evil 'Raich'.
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   (1986 )      Rating: G      Run Time: 23 Mins
Jim Henshaw Ron James Hadley Kay Eric Peterson Cree Summer
Video Ewoks: The Raich S.2.E.3

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