Pokemon (Advanced): Gonna Rule the School! S.6 E.15
Ash and friends have arrived in Rustboro City, and they're taking time to sight see. They bump into a schoolteacher, Roxanne, and her class on a class trip. The kids are about Max's age and one of them, Kenny, is afraid of Pokémon. Roxanne invites the gang back to see the Pokémon Trainer's School. Ash is anxious to get to his gym battle, but Roxanne persuades him to wait. As it turns out, Ash would have had to wait anyway. Roxanne is the Gym Leader! The Pokémon Trainer's School is pretty big and has all kinds of different classes. May is especially interested in a class on Pokémon Contests. Max decides to attend the beginners' class that Kenny is in. He's in the middle of battling the class show-off, Tommy, when the principal comes running in to tell them that the school's Pokéballs have all been stolen. Team Rocket have appeared and are are planning on using the pokémon for their evil schemes, and now someone must stop them.
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   (2004 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
Amy Birnbaum Madeleine Blaustein Dan Green Rachael Lillis Daniel Nicodeme
Rodger Parsons Andrew Rannells Kayzie Rogers Tara Sands Michael Sinterniklaas
Video Pokemon (Advanced): Gonna Rule the School! S.6 E.15

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