Pokemon (Advanced): All Things Bright and Beautifly S.6 E.13
Rustboro City is on the horizon, but they're not there yet. Ash, Brock, Max and May have just arrived at a Contest Hall. Janet and Chaz, two experienced Pokémon Coordinators, teach the gang all about Contests. Pokémon Contests are different from battles in that it's not the strength of the attack that matters, but the beauty of its execution. Winners get ribbons instead of badges. Everyone decides that they want to try entering today's contest, but they're too late. All is not lost, however, because Chaz offers to teach Pikachu the Iron Tail attack, and Janet lets May assist her during the contest. During the contest, Chaz and Janet both perform really well and make it to the final round, but who will be victorious?
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   (2003 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
Amy Birnbaum Madeleine Blaustein Darren Dunstan Dan Green Megan Hollingshead
Rachael Lillis Daniel Nicodeme Rodger Parsons Mike Pollock Andrew Rannells
Video Pokemon (Advanced): All Things Bright and Beautifly S.6 E.13

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