Powerpuff Girls Z: Bubbles' Troubles S.1 E.12
In this episode, we learn about Takaaki, a boy Miyako befriended when she was younger. After that first meeting they parted, promising that they will meet each other again.  However, Takaaki has a chronic illness which he is constantly hospitalized for and confined to a wheelchair. Around that time, he was showered by the negative energy of the black light, turning him into a wolf-lion creature with armor plating below his waist and on his shoulders.  Now with no restraints, he escapes from the hospital and starts to reek havoc. Or does he?
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   (2006 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 10 Mins
Emiri Katou Nami Miyahara Machiko Kawana Michael Dobson Masashi Ebara
Andrew Francis Maryke Hendrikse Aiko Hibi Tomoko Kaneda Yoko Kawanami
Video Powerpuff Girls Z: Bubbles' Troubles S.1 E.12

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