Pokemon (Advanced): A Tail with a Twist S.6 E.8
Ash's newly caught Treecko may be a bit standoffish, but the little green Pokemon is quite a fighter. When Team Rocket sees Treecko knocked down and hurt by a Seviper, they decide that they must have that Seviper. Jessie is very impressed with its "sneaky, snaky ways." They pursue the snake, and when it bites off a piece of Jessie's hair she attacks it and captures it. Meanwhile, Treecko escapes from the Pokemon Center where Ash brought it to recover. When the gang finds Treecko, it is practicing its attack moves. Again and again, Treecko jumps from the top of a waterfall and tries to break a rock at the bottom with its tail. Its training will be put to the test when Team Rocket attack and use their new Seviper.
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   (2003 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
Amy Birnbaum Madeleine Blaustein Dan Green Megan Hollingshead Rachael Lillis
Daniel Nicodeme Rodger Parsons Kayzie Rogers Michael Sinterniklaas Eric Stuart
Video Pokemon (Advanced): A Tail with a Twist S.6 E.8

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