Beyblade Metal Masters: Galaxy Heart E.51 (Final Episode)
Gingka and Madoka head to the Spiral Core to try and stop the meltdown from happening. Zeo keeps Ziggeraut from escaping and then joins Masamune in one final battle against Toby/ Faust. Old friends try to rush out to Hades City and rescue them, but it will take a combined force of Ryuga and Gingka to change the battle into victory and keep the world safe. Afterwards training for the next World Championship is announced to begin immediately. Tsubasa and Yu leave to do team training while Masamune, Zeo, and Toby decide to form Team Dungeon. Madoka begins to try and repair a badly damaged Pegasus, and Ryuga keeps an eye out from a distance while remaining his solo self.
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   (2012 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 20 Mins
Cameron Ansell Amera Atiyeh Kris Bratton Benjamin Israel Deven Christian Mack
Robert Tinkler
Video Beyblade Metal Masters: Galaxy Heart E.51 (Final Episode)

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