Beyblade Metal Masters: The Fallen Emperor E.47
After battling through some hard walls the group gets outside the Spiral Tower where Julian is the first guard. Sophie and Wells decide to battle Julian while the others head inside to find Toby.  Inside Madoka hacks into the computer system to find where the spiral core's main energy source is coming from, figuring that's where Toby/ Faust would be.  Outside Julian defeats Sophie and Wells. As he turns around to head inside Da Shan stands in his way. Julian reveals he joined Hades because they bought all the Concern Enterprise after julian lost to them. Da Shan says that reason isn't good enough. The two enter into a battle where Da Shan, Soohie, adn Wells give Julian a new goal, building a new Excalibur with the power of his friends. Da Shan defeats Julian but Sophie and Wells are there to help him stand up again. Inside the others race towards the basement and the goal of bringing Toby back.
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   (2012 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 20 Mins
Cameron Ansell Amera Atiyeh Kris Bratton Benjamin Israel Deven Christian Mack
Robert Tinkler
Video Beyblade Metal Masters: The Fallen Emperor E.47

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