Beyblade Metal Masters: Charge! Hades City E.46
Ryo forbids Gan Gan Galaxy, Wild Fang, and Wang Hu Zhang from invading Hades City and trying to stop Ziggeraut. However Hikaru points out the WBBA can not do anything unless illegal actions are proven from Ziggeraut, so Ryo finally agrees to allow their invasion. The rest of Team Excalibur arrives and insists on going with them with the goal of stopping Julian.  In Hades City Zeo tries talking with Faust and getting him to remember. Ziggeraut admits he has deleted Zeo and Masamune from Toby's memory. When Zeo tries to get more physical, Ziggeraut throws him into prison.
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   (2012 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 20 Mins
Cameron Ansell Amera Atiyeh Kris Bratton Benjamin Israel Deven Christian Mack
Robert Tinkler
Video Beyblade Metal Masters: Charge! Hades City E.46

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