Powerpuff Girls Z: Charming Maiden! Sedusa S.1 E.8
Sakurako Kintoki runs a shop near the school and is well known for her desserts. She's always wanted to be a sexy, attractive young lady just like Miss Bellum after seeing her and has a crush on a boy named Souichirou, who comes to the shop on a regular basis. One day, one of Miss Bellum's lipstick fell from her purse when she was leaving and Sakurako went after her.....until one of the black lights landed on her.  To the naked eye, she's normal. However, once Sakurako uses lipstick, her alter ego Sedusa emerges.  Sedusa has stolen several make-up, clothes and jewelry. All of this thanks to her ability to change her physical appearances with the use of make-up. How can the girls stop Sedusa when they never know when she's going to show up?
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   (2006 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 23 Mins
Emiri Katou Nami Miyahara Machiko Kawana Michael Dobson Masashi Ebara
Andrew Francis Maryke Hendrikse Tomoko Kaneda Yoko Kawanami Taiten Kusunoki
Video Powerpuff Girls Z: Charming Maiden! Sedusa S.1 E.8

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