Beyblade Metal Masters: The Dragon Emperor Descends E.42
Down 1-0 and with Masamune hurt means Gingka must face both Jack and Damian. Unbeknownst to them though, Jack sees a mysterious white cloud shaped like a Dragon headed for the stadium and he feels uncomfortable with it. As the second round is announced a flaming meteor drops from the sky, and out steps Ryuga. Hikaru begins to freak out until she realizes that Ryuga has overcome the darkness. Ryuga says he came to accept Jack's promise of a match once his blade was completed. Ziggeraut is thrilled that he can have the chance to collect L-Drago's data and accepts the challenge. As first Befall seems to have the advantage, but L-Drago is actually absorbing all Befall's power. Realizing he's been setup, Befall starts carving up the stadium in the shape of a peacock. He places L-Drago as the eye and gets ready to finish Ryuga off. Just then Ryuga reveals he's been setting Jack up this entire time. Ryuga unleashes Befall's power against Befall and turns Befall into the eye of the peacock. Since it is an official match, Gan Gan Galaxy and Team Star Breaker are tied 1-1. Gingka and Damian will be the deciding match. Ziggeraut is thrilled to have all of L-Drago's data until an energy blast flies out of the top of L-Drago, cuts through the window, and slices Ziggeraut's cheek. Ryuga reveals he hasn't used all his power yet. As he walks off he grabs Gingka and says he won't let Gingka lose to fake bladers.
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   (2012 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 20 Mins
Video Beyblade Metal Masters: The Dragon Emperor Descends E.42

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