Beyblade Metal Masters: The Final Countdown E.41
The finals between Team Star Breaker and Team Gan gan Galaxy begin. After failing his download, Ziggeraut tells Zeo if Toby losses, his treatment will be discontinued. Zeo and Masamune battle it out. Zeo uses the magnetic forces of Byxis to give Striker a terrible time until Gingka realizes Byxis is vulnerable from the air. Masamune cals out Striker's special move and hits Byxis from above. When Zeo realizes he's about to lose, his mind goes crazy and a terrible magnetic surge errupts from Byxis. The magnetic surge knocks out Masamune and Striker both giving Star Breaker a 1-0 lead in the finals.
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   (2012 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 20 Mins
Video Beyblade Metal Masters: The Final Countdown E.41

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