Beyblade Metal Masters: The Furious DJ Battle!? E.40
Team Gan Gan Galaxy is approved to find and use an alternate member for the championship against Star Breaker. Kenta volunteers to do it, but then Wang Hu Zhang shows up. The 5 agree to have a battle royale to determine who should be Gan Gan Galaxy's alternate. During the battle Gingka and Masamune get so excited they decide to participate. After both launch their blades, Phoenix appears and knocks out all 7 blades simultaneously. He announces that he is Gan gan galaxy's alternate only to have Hikaru walk behind him. Hikaru begins to quote the rule book and rules out Ryo for two reasons. 1) He's an adult and 2) He's a board member for the BBA. She also rules out the other fives saying the alternate cannot have participated in any rounds of BBA battling, including qualifying. Gingka and Masamune decide to go at it alone when Blader DJ appears and announces he's the last hope for Team japan. The kids think he's talking about being a team member, which he can't do because he's an adult, until American DJ also appears. American DJ and Blader DJ have a beybatle to determine who will announce the finals. The kids are excited for the battle when they see the rare beys the two DJ's have, but when the DJ's launch their launches are so weak everyone else tries to hide from embarrassment. The two have a DJ announcing war while their beys collide. When the beys stop simultaneously, both DJ's come up with the idea of tag teaming the championship round together, setting the stage for the finals.
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   (2012 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 20 Mins
Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin Alex Hood Nao Nagasawa David Reale Gage Knox
Daniel DeSanto Julie Lemieux Raoul Bhaneja Lyon Smith George Buza
Video Beyblade Metal Masters: The Furious DJ Battle!? E.40

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