The New Adventures of He-Man: Quest for the Crystals E.2
Skeletor has Slush Head take pictures of different areas on Primus. An ambitious councillor of Primus called Werban is telling the Scientists of Primus that they waste their time with Sebrians ideas of time travel, just then Sebrian and Mara enter with He-Man and introduce him as the new saviour of Primus. Just then they are informed of an attack by a mutant fighter on the Oasis, where Drissi and Caz are, He-Man races off to save them. Slush Head is chasing Caz and Drissi in his mutant fighter when He-Man arrives and saves them, Slush Head spins out of control and return to the Mutant mothership where he reports to Skeletor and Flogg and Skeletor reveals his plan to destroy the Trithuseum generator on Primus. Drissi introduces He-Man to her admiring brother Caz, who soon becomes a new friend of He-Man.
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   (1990 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 20 Mins
Don Brown Garry Chalk Ted Cole Michael Donovan Tracy Eisner
Mark Hildreth Antony Holland Campbell Lane Scott McNeil Doug Parker
Video The New Adventures of He-Man: Quest for the Crystals E.2

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